The Halfway House directory is your home’s best friend. With so many different sources for your home listings, sometimes it can be difficult to know which listings are the best to choose. This handy tool provides you with the most complete information available on any type of listing for your home. Whether you have just moved into a new home or need to know more about your current home before you list, this is the ideal place to find information quickly. Take the time to learn more about what this directory has to offer!

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  • The Halfway House Directory has become the go to source for national, state and county listings of sober houses. The Halfway House directory was launched in late summer of 2021 with an intention to create a central directory around the country that would consolidate all the national, state and county listings of sober living facilities. It provides users with comprehensive information on over 500 sober houses in the US, Canada and Europe. From this list users can find the perfect location to meet their personal recovery needs Halfway houses near me.
  • If you are looking for a rehab center with a spiritual side to it, the Halfway House Directory has you covered too. It also includes listings for spiritual recovery homes. These homes can be used for alcohol or drug recovery or other related lifestyle issues. Many of these programs use meditation and yoga to help patients re-enter a healthy lifestyle. Others incorporate classes like yoga, meditation, Reiki and others into their recovery programs. Many of these spiritual recovery homes offer a variety of healing options and treatment for their clients.
  • Another service offered by the Halfway House directory is its professional directory of real estate agents. Real estate has become increasingly important in today’s marketplace, and real estate agents help their clients find the right residential property at the right price. This allows the user to search for the perfect house and home to fit their needs. If you’re looking for a residential property to purchase, you’ll find it here.
  • The Halfway house directory also includes listings for spiritual recovery homes and outpatient treatment centers. These are full-service facilities that focus on holistic approaches to healing. They tend to treat their clients more like patients who need outpatient care than they do people who need inpatient treatment. Their focus is on meeting the client’s specific recovery needs in the most efficient way possible. Many of these facilities use a 12 Step recovery program as well.
  • Listings are often provided by private therapists, but sometimes private practitioners like yourselves will provide them as well. If you feel as though your therapist isn’t doing an adequate job of providing you with the support you need to successfully work through your problem, then you might consider putting your listing on the site. There is a lot of overlap between practitioners who have a lot of experience in the area of mental health and substance abuse. They can help put your listing in the best light.
  • Listings aren’t the only thing that the House Directory offers. The Online Directory is another resource that you can tap into when you need some extra help. This service is provided by volunteers from the community who want to connect with each other. By putting your listing on the Online Directory, you can share information about your local area with the rest of your community.
  • There are also listings available on the website for your town. You can search by zip code and/or location. If you know of a place in your town that you’ve visited or heard of, post your listing on the site. The more information you include, the easier it is for people to find you. And the more places that you can reach, the more help you will get in reaching the clients you want.

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