Last year about this time I was in the market for a new treestand and Big Game Ladder Stands were in the front running due to their reputation. I knew this stand would remain in place for a very long time because of the location and our long term permission to hunt this property. So weight wasn’t a big factor, but comfort was. I wanted a tree stand that was comfortable and easy to turn around in. Since I’m a pretty big ole boy, those were some tough shoes to fill!

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Finally, after running around town looking at several different models and makes, as well as reading and researching treestand reviews online, I finally decided to get the Big Game Titan Ladder Stand. I found this ladder stand on sale at Bass Pro Shops. It was 20 bucks off the original price, so that made my decision much easier!

Once I got the stand home, I unpacked it and laid out all the parts. I carefully read the instructions once before I even attempted to put the ladder stand together. Then I started assembling all the parts by following the instructions. It was really quite easy and from time I unpacked it until I had it assembled was about 45 minutes big gaming.

A few things I didn’t like about the stand caught my eye right off. One was that beautiful black finish. Nothing in my neck of the woods is that black! So I took a couple cans of Krylon olive drab paint along with a can of dark brown and light tan and repainted the treestand with my own custom camo job. This included the seat with that lovely Big Game Titan Ladder Stand logo. It just stood out.

Another thing was that the flip up rest squeaked just a little. I had overtightened a bolt causing a pinch point. I quickly backed off the screw and everything was fine. I can’t tell you how important it is to test your stand out at home before taking into the woods.

One final thing was that the sit rubbed against the frame whenever you lowered or raised it. It would make a ‘tick’ sound. Well, I couldn’t have that so some camo duct tape over the friction points fixed this little problem.

Other than that, I have no beef with the stand.

Once I got it into the woods and sit in it for a while, I feel in love with it. It’s far more comfortable that our tripod stands we have. I can do an all day perch without being uncomfortable. I can’s tell you how nice that seat is. It consist of a foam padding with addition support beneath with bungie cords. Sine I’m a pretty big fella, I really didn’t think this seat would be comfortable for me. I’m glad I was wrong as it turned out, it’s probably the most comfortable seat of any treestand I’ve ever had!

Another things I like was how easy to install it was. Although the instructions say to use 3 people, I only had me, myself and I to put the Big Game Titan Ladder Stand into place, but it was a breeze and I had no problem!

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