If you are thinking about adding a stone patio to your yard, one of the first things you should consider is what type of stone do you want to purchase. From granite to marble, there are a multitude of stones available to design your patio with, so think about the style and overall look you want to create with your new patio. One of the best places to find the stone you need is at a bulk materials store, as they have a wide array of stones available for you to choose from.

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Size Matters

However, before you even think about what stone to purchase, you should block out the size you want your patio to be. Is it replacing an existing patio? Is it a completely new addition? Block off the entire area that you want to build your stone patio on, and take down the measurements. This will be valuable information to use when you go to the bulk materials store. Often homeowners will visit bulk material stores with an idea, but no concrete measurements, so deciding on the stone to use can be an exercise in futility. While it can give you an idea of what is available, you truly shouldn’t visit the store until you have measurements in hand. It can be overwhelming to walk through a store and have no idea how big your space is or what design you would like.

If you know how big your patio is going to be, you can formulate a course of action when choosing your stone. It will also give an associate a better understanding of how much material you will need. With large stones, you will need less material, and smaller stones, more. However you cannot accurately gage how much material you will need until you have the dimensions of your patio.

Design Time

It’s your patio and you can design it as you like. If you want a simple stone patio with little design, you can, or you can pick and choose stone to make a completely unique look. It’s up to you! For patterns, you can include stones of complimentary colors and create a mosaic look, or an interesting patchwork quilt look. You can even just lay stone out randomly, if you are so inclined. If you are creatively blocked, do some research on the internet before purchasing your stone from a bulk materials supplier. There are plenty of sites which offer creative ideas for stone patios, and you can use the one you like or reinterpret one. Be as creative as you want. It’s your patio.

A bulk materials supplier will be the best option when purchasing stone for your new patio and it can save you a bit of money too! Buying in bulk means you can purchase large quantities of material at lower prices, so before you choose your stone for your next patio project, visit your local bulk material supplier to see what great offers they have.

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