Vital statistics are the documentation and records on anyone’s significant life events. Birth, death, adoption, naturalization, divorce, and marriage certificates are all included information in a person’s vital statistics.

In the United States, vital stats are maintained on the state level. So, it Vitalflow will be helpful in your search to know what state each event took place if you wish to expedite the process.

If you’re using these records for the purposes of identification (if you need certified copies), then you’ll need to provide other forms of identification to prove that you should have access to certified copies.

However, if you are just using these records for informational purposes (need to find out if someone is married or divorce, for example), then the requirements are much less stringent.

US Citizenship and Naturalization

Perhaps you’re considering hiring on a new worker into your business. Now, you may realize that certain hardcopy documentation (social security cards and driver’s licenses, for example) can be faked.

If you really need to know if someone is a legal citizen of your country, you’ll want to look up their naturalization records.

Marriage and Divorce Records

Finding someone’s marriage and divorce records is excellent methods of checking up on someone to find out if they really are who they claim to be. Many people will claim to be divorced, even if they are actually only separated.

On the flipside, a person may claim to be married to gain your trust, when they are really divorced. They might have never even been married in the first place.

Faking a Death: Find Death Certificates

A death in the family is one of the oldest excuses known to mankind. It can also be a method to gain someone’s trust and sympathy. Many scam artists run intricate plots involving supposed deaths.

You might even be familiar with the popular (and all too common) internet scam claiming that a large sum of money has been left to you in a distant family member’s will.

Before you had over that information to a scam, check the facts and find the person behind the ruse.

The fact is, many easy and intricate scams can be run on a hapless and innocent person who doesn’t have the resources to research a person’s vital statistics.

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