Most people are familiar with the burning and itching that comes with a fungal infection. The ordinary yeast infection is one type of fungal infection and it strikes around 75% of people in the world. Since the problem is so wide spread, there have been more than a few yeast infection treatments concocted over the years.

Fungus, such as yeast, cause very distinct symptoms many of which you are probably already familiar with. Itching, vaginal discharge, and swelling of the vulva are normal symptoms of vaginal yeast infection. What you may not be aware of are the other more subtle signs of a serious fungal or yeast infection. Things like memory loss, rashes, gas, diarrhea and painful joints can be signs that yeast is running rampant in your system.

You will find that nearly everyone has a story or old remedy for the most common yeast infection.
Grandmothers pass them down and your neighbor probably has one or two. Some may be over the counter topical applications and others will be things you can make in your own home. Below is a small sampling of the many treatments out there for fungal infections.

Antifungal creams are prevalent at any drug store and many retail chains. There are creams for athlete’s foot, vaginal yeast infection and even toenail fungal infections. The nice thing about these keravita pro treatments is they are easy to get and use.

A lot of people would prefer something a bit more natural when it comes to treating their fungal infections. This has led people to try a more holistic approach to their treatment. Natural treatments range from vinegar douches to yogurt as a dietary supplement and many things in between.

One treatment that has been passed around is to use large amounts of water to flush the fungal infection from your system. Water is a life giving substance in normal amounts, but too much of anything can kill you and water is no exception. Read up on the possible body and cell damage if you become water intoxicated.

Problem with Most Treatments
If you want to cure an ailment such as a fungal infection, the best thing to do is get to the underlying cause of the infection. Unfortunately, modern treatments both traditional and holistic fail miserably in this respect. The reason they fail is they are designed to cure the symptoms, the itching, swelling and discharge but not go deeper and get to the root cause. This is why so many individuals end up with chronic fungal infections and sometimes even worse medical issues.

The bottom line is this, natural and even prescription cures do not have the answer for permanently curing a yeast or fungal infection. You need a program that will root out the cause and treat the problem from the bottom up

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