Do Herbal Supplements Really Work?

I have been asked several times about my opinion and perception on herbal medicine or supplementing your store counter purchased products with natural or organic healing agents and I always ask them back the same question… “Do you think they work?” or “What has been your experiences with herbal treatments?” I am greeted with the answers of either “I don’t know” or “Well I really haven’t used them”. Well my reply is always, you have to try it to find out.

So Do You Think Herbal Supplements Work?

Have you used vitamins, or herbal tea? If you have then that’s a great start to be on your way to using natural products. Herbs are filled with vitamins and all sorts of supplements and healing agents of all kinds. Technically the vast majority of herbs have not been sequenced out into a The Lost Book of Herbal scientific map. Scientists claim that there are just too many components in herbs to pin point everything they can do. If you’re not sure if an herbal supplement of any kind, external or internal really works, all I can really say is to try them out.

Do You Have Any Experience With Herbal Products?

Look back and remember if you have had any kind of experience with herbal products. It can just be an herbal tea you bought from the store. The most popular is Chamomile tea to help you sleep at night. If you have tried a tea for a specific reason, did it help? Reflect on how it made you feel or if it helped you. If you haven’t had much exposure to herbal supplements, then I suggest you try them out. Get more information about what you would like to try and take action to try it. You will never know unless you try it out.

Do You Know Anything About Herbs?

If you’re very new to herbs then chances are you may not even know what you need or what to try. Herbs can be used for all sorts of minor ailments internally and externally and even with lotions, shampoo’s, makeup or facial scrubs. Get all the information you can on herbs and their uses to get a better idea of what to do with them.

Learn As Much As You Can

In my opinion herbal products work for me, but I know not everything works for others. All I can stress is to learn as much as you can about herbs, herbal products and herbal supplements for external use and internal use. If your not really into learning all the in’s and out’s of herbals then at least research herbal products. The more you learn the more you know.

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