The idea of using every crisis to move your cause forward comes from Rahm Emanuel who said, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” He is the Left hugging Mayor of Chicago. And his fellow Leftist’s learned the lessons well.

All Lives Can't Matter until Black lives matter shirt, hoodie

Why are we surprised and amazed as at the incredible speed at which our high schoolers organized to get rid of guns? Millions of dollars were donated to help the ‘spontaneous’ organization supporting our caring students in their quest to stop gun violence. Nationwide walkouts and constant coverage on CNN and mainstream media everywhere. Were you like me and wondered where the money would go? Within a week of the Parkland shooting, the rich and famous pledged millions of dollars for the high schoolers cause black lives matter t-shirt. Impressive. But setting up a 501-3c non-profit takes months. So where would the money go?

Not long ago we had the ‘crisis’ of monuments. The monument crisis occurs ‘spontaneously’ when someone on the Left is suddenly offended passing by a statue they’ve been driving by for decades. It is similar to the outrage that ‘erupted’ up over the police defending themselves, killing a criminal who happens to be black and suddenly the town is burned down because of all the injustice.

Do you suppose all the current walk-outs, protests and hoopla over our high schoolers being so upset they are taking to the streets is really about guns? If you believe that you probably think President Clinton ‘did not have sex with that woman.’ What burning our cities, tearing down our monuments and confiscating guns has in common is the Left’s obsession with fundamentally destroying America.

The recent Florida shootings are horrible. As are all school shootings, or any shooting for that matter. But do you think the spontaneous outrage of the Left is really due to the loss of life in Parkland? The kids at Parkland and all over the country are being exploited by the Women’s March organization with a little help from their friends. These kids didn’t miraculously wake up the morning after the shooting and organize themselves nationwide.

The Women’s March folks are the ones that proudly brought vagina hats into the mainstream. Led by Linda Sarsour, the Muslim plant in the women’s movement. They hastily created Youth Empower, a spinoff from their business because, well, the opportunity presented itself. Who are their friends? Groups like Emerge America let by Senator Pocahontas Warren. And the Women’s Media Center, the promoter of all things Left. Then you have hangers on like Teen Vogue, Peace First, Rise to Run, Rock the Vote and a few more wannabes.

If this is ‘genuine’ outrage for the kids murdered by a guy the FBI should have had locked up, where is the same outrage for the one million babies murdered each year by abortion. Where are the woeful cries from these same organizers if they hate children dying? Did they march for the 10,265 people killed by drunk drivers in 1965? Many of those are kids. I missed that march. New studies show that marijuana users and 25% more likely to be involved in a traffic accident. These same women’s organizations push for legalizing marijuana.

Where is the venom from the Women’s March group over domestic violence in America? In the War on Terror since 2001, we have lost just under 7,000 American servicemen and women. From 2001 to 2012, five years shy of the above time, 11,766 women died at the hands of a boyfriend, spouse or ex-spouse. The media apparently failed to report on that march on Washington.

We are at war in America. The Left, the Progressives, Liberals, Communists, whatever they want to call themselves today, have declared war on America. They are well trained, funded and organized. They have countless ‘organizations’ standing by for the sign that’s its okay to jump in. Case in point is the Baltimore School District, who by the way couldn’t afford heat for the schools this winter, announced it would send 60 busloads of kids to the upcoming anti-gun March in DC. And they’re sending them with meals and the logo t-shirts from the Women’s March, Youth Empower pop up. They could care less if the crisis involves high school kids, it must not go to waste. They are incendiary.

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