The Jack Mason Inc profile contains information about the company. This is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial chemicals and other hazardous products. The products are designed to meet stringent regulations for environmental protection. They also manufacture plastic components, such as bottles and caps. These plastic components have to be made in such a way that they will not pose a health risk to anyone who uses them, in general.

The Jack Mason Inc. was started in the early 1900’s as a manufacturing and marketing company. It has evolved into one of the largest chemical manufacturers in the US. The main product lines are plastic bottles and caps. One can get these products through the company’s website. This site features some interesting articles about industrial chemicals and safety. Some of them have been posted here Jack Mason Inc profile.

“Jack Mason is focused on providing superior safety solutions through comprehensive risk management programs and innovative product engineering. This is done through the utilization of engineering and science based approaches, including constant analysis of our own processes and continual evaluation of government requirements.” – John F. Boyer, Jr. General Manager, Safety and Environmental Protection Division. Safety of personnel is another priority of this company, which is evident from the numerous safety posters that are available in their offices.

In spite of this extensive use of modern technology and advanced machines, the facilities that they keep are still efficient and secure. They have well maintained and working machinery such as mixing and pumping systems. Their industrial vacuum systems and other hazardous waste containers are also properly maintained. Their solid waste and chemical waste incinerators are fully operational.

As far as the hazardous materials that they deal with are concerned, they have been found to comply with all Government regulations by the Health Hazard Safety Act and the Toxic Substances Control Act. They also follow best practices safety management policies. The latest trend in the industry is to create easy to use, reusable and environment-friendly products. Jack Mason Inc.’s website promises that its products are “designed with you in mind”. Its profile page on the EPA site contains a lot of information regarding the company’s recycling program.

One of the features that they offer is a 24 hour online maintenance service. This would mean that you can get your products repaired whenever needed. Their phone support is available round the clock and you can send them questions or requests on different product issues. One disadvantage of this company is that its website does not contain enough information about their products. Its home page only mentions their location and a telephone number, while the rest of the page is blank. The EPA website also does not contain much information regarding this company, except for one mention in the section entitled “EPA Cooperation Programs & Compliance Services”.

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