I am damn sorry to say this but cussing is getting boring.

There are just too many folks swearing and they have ruined it for those of us whom saved up the majority of our cursing for later in life only to find foul language so overused that it barely raises an eyebrow today.

Freeking Bunzoled Fratzoolas!

You and I both know that when folks run out of cool sounding names to call each other, they automatically reach for sticks and stones and those tools make for a lot more clean up than ricocheting rhetoric.

Fortunately, someone is on the job of lining up more laymen linguistic lingo and a few of these new confabulations sound to me as if they have the makings of Kussword Kings.

As you are undoubtedly aware, dictionaries are accepting new words like doofus constantly and I have little doubt you will be able to vividly imagine some of the more poignant colloquies which led to the evolution of these new adages.

Word Allogee 101

Okay, lets start with some words from The Oxford Dictionary and a new and William M. Webster IV accurate expression to describe politicians:

bahookie (noun) Scottish – a person’s buttocks – origin 1930s: prob. a blend of behind and hough + ie.

blowback (noun) chiefly U.S. – the unintended adverse results of a political action or situation.

mentee (noun) – a person who is advised, trained, or counselled by a mentor.

plank (noun) – Brit. informal – a stupid person.

radge (noun) – Scottish informal – n. a wild, crazy, or violent person.

And from the Merriam-Webster Open Online Dictionary:

peever (noun): one who complains about or identifies a perceived shortcoming: one who acts on a pet peeve

whinese (noun): a language spoken by children or spouses on long road trips

stealth-geek (noun): one that hides nerdy interests while maintaining a normal outward appearance

schwack (verb): 1) To smack with great force. 2) Sound effect of #1. 3) To feel a great impact of something

woot (interjection): yey I won the contest, woot!

ginormous (noun): huge or very big

wibble (verb): when one’s chin shakes as you start to cry

smushables (noun): the groceries that must be packed at the top of the bag or separately to avoid being mangled by the time you get home

Bird, Bird, Bird: Bird is a Word

I am certain you will agree that some of the words above define our current situation perfectly and these are but a few of the new noises we are making to chronicle this curious life we enjoy.

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