From the start of time, the caribous have been marking their territories with the body parts they find interesting or desirable. They do this for a number of reasons, but one of the most important is to use these marks to find their way back home. Each year, they build little camps along rivers and creeks where they sleep, eat, and grow. Their home is an almost circular shape and they usually build their houses near the edges of these circular shapes. It’s these that the spirit world generally looks for when it’s time to come back. A caribou can’t see into the spirit world, but they can sense the energy of the area where they’ve been living and this is what helps them find their way back.

When a caribou gets stuck in a place, they will mark its location so they can find their way back. In the old days, a caribou’s path was always a difficult one to decipher, mostly because the environment was filled with dangerous traps and dangerous animals. This is why the caribou tends to move in predictable patterns, following the same trail as a mother bear would take. This way, they are less likely to be confused and easily spooked by a wandering grizzly or other predator that wants to make its nest there. They also follow food sources which are easy to find since they have a diet consisting mainly of vegetation and berries in the winter We are caribou.

Caribou tend to use all sorts of different marks to mark their territories. Some of them are pretty easy to spot, even on the ground. The black tracks that a caribou makes when frightened or exploring is very easy to see. At night, if you hear the spirit stirring around, it is probably a caribou that has been lost and is looking for its way back home. Sometimes the spirit world can be blocked while a person is awake, but the spirit can sometimes work through the interference and still find their way back.

A lot of people who live along the coast are familiar with the many stories about how these animals disappeared. One well-known story tells of a young woman who was walking home from a nearby beach one evening and suddenly felt a strange presence had followed her. As she neared the end of the road, a large black bear charged out from behind and started to chase her. With no idea what was happening, she started to run away only to be followed by the bear until finally she tripped and fell in the water.

Another story tells of a caribou that was once so powerful that not only did it chase after her companions, but it also managed to destroy a house before her group of people could get out safely. When the women arrived at the scene of the destruction, they discovered that the spirit of the mother caribou was trapped in a separate location and, consequently, could not come out to help her family. Her body was even more damaged than usual; it was totally unable to move and she would only be able to move slightly by waving her hands. They were desperate to save her, but there was no way she could be helped since she was trapped inside the spirit world.

This is why when we are Caribou hunting we should not try to shoot these beautiful creatures as if they were targets we will not likely succeed. We must instead try to entreat the mother spirit for help by asking for help in returning to the land of her birth. We will likely be successful because the spirit world knows all of our problems and can use them to protect us.

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