An effective tinnitus cure has alluded mainstream medicine. Tinnitus or ringing in the ears is estimated to effect anywhere from 5-13 percent of the population. Although it is rare in younger years the incidence certainly increases for the elderly population. An array of drugs and medications have been trialed as cures but most have proved ineffective. Here are some simple solutions to start with for a tinnitus cure.

It has been reported that troublesome tinnitus can subside partly or completely following thorough cleaning of the ear canals. An objective form of tinnitus is usually generated by something inside the body such as a tight blood vessel or muscle. An investigation should be made for this if something internally is believed to be responsible for generating the sound. For many individuals tinnitus is a complex multifactorial disorder with many underlying causes. Factors contributing to the tinnitus could be stress, loud noise, caffeine, tinnitus inducing drugs, food and drink intolerances, neck strain, disorders of the jaw, metabolic abnormalities and dietary shortages.

For some people stress plays a major role in inducing and maintaining tinnitus. Stress will usually aggravate tinnitus in most sufferers. Therefore the issue of lifestyle factors and daily stress should be addressed. Adequately dealing with stress and managing it can be very important for some individuals.

Although tinnitus is more noticeable in silence it can also be aggravated by loud noise and sometimes remain elevated after the loud noise has ceased. Therefore adapting strategies that minimize exposure to loud noise Silencil are a good idea. If unavoidable the use of hearing protection devices may be needed.

Excessive consumption of caffeine can aggravate and even cause tinnitus. If an individual drinks many cups of coffee a day and stops or reduces their coffee consumption their tinnitus may decrease. Of course there may be a difficult withdrawal process with troublesome symptoms. If you suspect your caffeine may be contributing to your tinnitus the best thing to do is to do a two week trial where you reduce your intake and monitor the severity and frequency of your tinnitus.

It is important to review any prescription medication you are on as some can cause or aggravate tinnitus. This should be discussed with your doctor. For some individuals certain substances such as foods, drinks and tobacco can aggravate their tinnitus. You may already be suspicious of some. You can try a two week trial removing the suspected substances, monitoring your tinnitus, then reintroducing the suspected substances and noting any changes.

Issues with the neck and jaw for some people can also influence their tinnitus. Neck strain, whiplash and degenerative changes in the neck can predispose, aggravate and possibly cause tinnitus. Therefore proper work station ergonomics and general posture are important. Proper breathing can help to relax certain muscles and help relieve some neck and postural strain. The jaw muscles also can influence tinnitus and often goes hand in hand with neck issues. A conscious awareness of clenching and grinding of the teeth should be utilized to decrease this habit and simple jaw and neck stretches to help relax these areas can also be beneficial.

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