The ancient people of Egypt had the good sense to include in their structures some kind of representation of the Mother Goddess. Amongst the objects that were once used to adorn themselves with were stone pendants. It must be noticed here that pendants were not worn by only the royalty or the rich class of society. Common people, as well as common women of today have worn these beautiful necklaces even without earning any money. But, there must be a reason behind this.

In the ancient times, stones were very expensive. They symbolized the authority and they also represented wealth and power. It was a sign of social status to wear a pendant around your neck. Stone necklaces were usually made from coral and/or gemstones. In fact, there was a time when coral and gemstones were considering a rare and exotic commodity that only the royal family members and the elite were aware of.

But, things have changed now. Today, the price of gemstones and coral is so cheap that even common people can afford them. This has sparked the trend of people wearing cheap stone pendants, rings and earrings colgantes de piedras. A lot of women tend to go for different types of jewelries such as gold rings, silver rings, titanium rings, acrylic rings and diamond rings, depending upon their taste and the style they want to achieve.

There are different kinds of stones that people use to decorate their jewelry. Amongst the popular ones, emeralds and sapphires are quite popular. Some of the other choices that you can choose from are garnet, mother of pearl, amethyst, citrine, garnet, tanzanite, turquoise, and malachite. While black diamonds and red diamonds are equally popular with men, pink and blue stones are more preferred by women. Tanzanite and quartz are also said to be perfect stones to add beauty to women’s rings.

If you are planning to buy a stone pendant, you should always keep in mind that the stone pendants are designed to be worn on your finger. You cannot wear them in your ears or rings. Hence, you should avoid designs that are too big for you. It would look weird and awkward when you wear a stone pendant on your index finger. You should always go for smaller pieces of stone jewelry and avoid larger stones as well.

When choosing stone pendants, you should also think about their value. While you can purchase cheap stones and create a mess, buying expensive ones will not be a wise idea as well. Designers prefer putting more diamonds or gemstones in their designs as they think this will make their stone pendants more expensive. However, you need to remember that there are several designs available at lower prices. Thus, you can browse the internet for more affordable designs.

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