Having a flat tummy is the one thing that many people wish for but which seems out of reach for most, but is it? What secrets do the top fitness experts and all those select few walking around with flat board stomachs know that we do not? Your clothes do not fit because you refuse to buy the next size up so your waist ends up looking like a series of mountain ranges. I know, I have been there and it is not pleasant at all. Well, in order for you to get a flat belly, you need to do some form of exercise. However, this is not the most important thing. The most important thing that stands between you and getting a flat tummy is your diet; all the abs exercises in the world without the proper diet will not get you the flat tummy you want.

All of the best waist-whittling foods contain fiber to banish bloat, antioxidants to boost your muscle building program’s effectiveness, and protein to help maintain a healthy metabolism. Put simply, to get a flat tummy and be on the way to those six pack abs, you need to switch to slow release carbohydrates, up your quality protein intake and increase your consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Cutting your carbohydrate intake completely out of your diet in a bid to get a flat tummy is counter productive. On the other hand, do not eat too many carbohydrates as your body will convert them to stored fat. Have slightly smaller portions of potatoes, rice or bread if you are going to have them but just enough so that you are not hungry. These foods will give you the energy you need but too much of them and the body, rather than waste them, will convert them to fat and store them.

What you need to watch out for in your bid to get a flat tummy are refined carbohydrates – the foodstuff most available in our busy lifestyles. Avoid sugary and rich foods Biotox gold like cake, crisps, sweets and sugary drinks as they contain the bad fats and sugars which your body will convert into the fat that covers your six pack abs. These high fat, high sugar foods are high calorie foods that will be changed into stored fat by your body, and stop you from achieving your goal of getting a flat tummy.

The key is having some balance. Cutting out sweet things completely can be difficult and can lead to you binge eating and undoing all the good work you have done in your quest to get rid of belly fat. The secret is to treat yourself every now and again. Have a small cake or sweets once a week as this will provide your body with the small amount of sugar that it needs too. You see your nutrition and your flat tummy diet is about cutting back on fats your body does not need and boosting your lean muscle, which raises your metabolism. Once your body’s metabolism is up, you will begin to burn more fat. This, combined with the fact that you are consuming less fat means that your body has less fat to store over time, and you can begin see your tummy get flatter and your six pack abs begin to show.

Another important thing to do is eat small meals throughout the day. Our bodies naturally want to store up food, so by spreading your flat tummy diet into 5-6 small meals over the course of the day, your body will soon learn that it does not need to keep hold of fuel reserves and will therefore store less fat. You must remember that these meals need to be balanced and in small portions. You cannot eat 6 normal size portions a day and expect to get a flat tummy.

One other useful tip if you want to get a flat tummy is to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Your body needs water in order to function properly. The body uses up energy to heat up any water you drink to body temperature so drinking cold water will help you in your desire to get a flat tummy.

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