“We Are Caribou” by Robin Williams is one of my personal favorite comedies. I’ve always found Robin Williams to be an amazing and hilarious comedy artist. He’s appeared in some of my all time favorite movies, so I was very happy that I saw this movie when it came out. Actually, I’m not even sure why I enjoyed the film so much. Maybe it just reminded me of a couple of friends of mine who I had as a child. They sort of made me laugh every time I watched them.

“We Are Caribou” is directed by Rob Reiner and starring Robin Williams. The story revolves around a couple of North American Indians who live on a ship in the Pacific Ocean who become separated from their families. While swimming, they meet a friendly and clever bear. The bear takes them on a journey across the country, where they encounter other native tribes and friends along the way We Are Caribou. The journey brings the two families together, but things take a dangerous turn when the bear attacks the women of the group.

This movie isn’t just a slapstick comedy like so many other animated movies have been. The plot and story line is very thought provoking. It touches on issues such as racism, sexism, and environmentalism. All of these themes are well represented through the actions of the characters in the movie. I felt the message of the movie was very deep and definitely will stick with me for years to come.

What I do enjoy about the movie is the music selection. The songs are actually pretty good. Most of them are great, and you can tell from the trailers that the actors involved really enjoy the music. The only song that I remember from the movie which was a slow ballad about how the bear was like a wise old wise man… bear! I guess it fits in with the storyline. But the songs were not annoying at all.

Overall, “We Are Caribou” is a fun book to read. I enjoyed the book, but not as much as some other people I know. It does have some good lessons to learn about not judging a book by its cover. And although the bear is funny, I do not recommend watching the movie at home. I think it would be too difficult to sit still during that part.

Overall, this was an okay book. I think if you are looking for a fast dry humor book that has some good one liners, this one works well. If you are looking for a more serious book with some great philosophy and spiritual messages, I suggest checking out “We Are Caribou” along with the other volumes in the series. I am looking forward to the next one!

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