1950’s dresses are the ones that women of that era wore. Many women grew up wearing them and some even have them displayed in their home. It was a time when every woman had to look her best to be noticed and to stand out from the crowd. Dresses were very short, often no more than a few inches in length. They came in different fabrics, designs and colors.

Dee Dee Black Watch Tartan Vintage 50s Full Circle Dress - British Retro

When we think of vintage fashion dresses we usually think of them being worn by a group of young adults in the 1950s. That is certainly true but you will find that they are just as fashionable for women who are in their middle ages all over the world. Why is it so? Why is it that so many people think of dresses from fifty years ago as the ‘old stuff’ when in fact it is still very much in fashion? Why are fashions considered vintage in one generation but not in another? There are several reasons for all of this.

The first reason is the style of clothing. Dresses in the 1950s dresses were designed for a particular type of figure. They were generally made for slim ladies with slender complexions. If you have a body type like this today then you will want to stay away from dresses that are too clingy or tight.

Next there is the material used. Those dresses were made of the stiffened fabric of the day. You had to have a thick fabric so that your outfit won’t be blown around in a breeze. Today stiff fabrics are considered a bit dated. However, if you are wearing something thick like velvet then it can look fabulous.

Lastly there are the cut and styles of dresses. Back then dresses were designed with only four letter stitches. Nowadays you have more elaborate stitching and you can get crazy with how the patterns are designed. In fact, some of the patterns available are very artistic and have details like beads and sequins, making them even more stunning.

Once you have decided to purchase vintage dresses you will also need to know where to find them. A great place to start is by checking out online vintage stores. Here you will be able to view many different vintage outfits. Many of these will be available at discounted prices and you can easily compare brands, styles and prices. It is a good idea to browse several stores though, as there is bound to be a suitable vintage dress somewhere that you like.

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